& Tracking

Improve efficiency with
Internet of Things (IoT)
technology?that monitors
resources, equipment
and employees to?stay
on top of every job.

  • Remote Monitoring

    Remote Monitoring solutions from Verizon help you keep an eye on all your moving parts. Ruggedized sensors and M2M technology gather data from every corner of your business – so you can streamline operations, tweak production and help manage your business.?

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  • Fleet & Mobile Worker Management

    Verizon Connect combines telematics technologies and our wireless network to help businesses better manage their drivers, vehicles and daily operations in the field. Our solutions can improve job visibility, simplify scheduling and manage day-to-day operations all while controlling costs and boosting productivity.

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  • Asset Tracking

    Running a fleet business requires a variety of assets – some at your main office, others in the field. Keeping track of those assets – trailers, sheds, generators and more – doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. With Verizon Connect, you can quickly and easily identify the location of fixed or movable assets in your fleet.

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Smart Metering?Energy Management

Leveraging smart grid technology is a natural, evolutionary step for utilities delivering electric, water and gas to their customers. Modernizing your grid by tapping into the inherent built-in capabilities of Verizon’s Grid Wide turnkey solution can help drive incremental revenue, reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and improve customer service.

Grid wide monitoring